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Sell is NOT a Four Letter Word: Earning an above-average living while maintaining your integrity

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Readers of "Sell" are saying ...

“Great book, easy read. I love the stories and would recommend to anyone that works in sales or is thinking about a career in sales.”
Sammy, FL.

“Awesome book and a great read! I really like the stories that help back up the points.”
Donnie Spence, Memphis

“It is something that will help me with my team in the sales room. It is very practical and easy to read and comprehend.”
Chris, South Carolina

“Doug Robinson exudes a rare blend of wisdom, insight, and energy. His sales training nuggets are concise, clear, and compelling.”
J.M., California

"Your book and leadership have been invaluable to all of us. Keep up the GREAT work. Congrats on the media recognition coming your way."
Jeff Duncan, Imperial, MO.

"Thanks for all you do! It continues to be helpful to sharpen the skills needed to be consistent in this arena! Dude you Rock!"
Curt Mase, Mobile, AL.

"It’s not often that kudos go out to the man that improves our sales success, but I want to say congratulations and THANK YOU!"
Paul Tomlinson, Region Manager, Paducah, KY.


"Sell is NOT a Four Letter Word: Earning an above-average living while maintaining your integrity" by Doug Robinson is now available.

Doug has subdivided the contents of this book into eight chapters, which parallel the basic sales process sequence.

The chapters are subdivided into multiple segments of 2-3 pages each. Every segment begins with a brief narrative in the form of a yarn, story, or tale; each one introducing short but specific sales training nuggets. With this breakdown busy salespeople will be able to ... Read More ...


Doug Robinson has 40 years combined experience in the sales-related universe. During the first 20 years he was a B2B as well as a residential sales rep; in one position as a captive salesperson; and in the other as a self-employed entrepreneur.

After years of successful selling and earning several incentive trips and awards, Doug then moved into sales management in the services industry, recruiting, motivating, supervising, and coaching nearly 100 salespeople, geographically spread over two states. While at the helm, Doug’s sales team established ... Read More ...


There are only two things that are consistent from client to client regarding sales training. Everybody wants effective and relevant training that will light a fire under the sales team and increase sales, but nobody wants to pay much for it.

Doug understands both concerns and is committed to offering common sense, economical training alternatives that will meet and exceed your expectations. Doug doesn’t believe in playing games or wasting client’s valuable time, so here are some examples of various training approaches, including ...Read More ...