Doug wrote and published a book that is great for sales managers and business owners to use as lesson plans for weekly sales meetings…

Everybody knows that…

But did you know that Doug just developed a Study Guide that’s designed to be used as a companion piece to the book that eliminates the manager’s prep time for those meetings?


$49 (Downloadable)

Using these materials, your sales and customer service employees will experience relevant, quality, 30-45 minute sales coaching sessions without investing the time and effort previously required to plan and organize sales meetings. Here are some suggestions for using the material:

1. Assign one of the 116 book segments (2-3 pages each) to your folks to read in advance of each meeting. The contents page for the guide includes the specific skill focus of each segment, to aid you in lesson assignments. No need to cover the book chronologically.

2. Commercial specific segments are also denoted in the contents for your B2B sellers. All other segments are applicable for both residential and commercial selling situations.

3. Lead a discussion using the questions provided in the study guide for the assigned segment (3-6 relevant questions are included for each one). Either provide questions in advance for them to complete, or ask the questions spontaneously during each meeting.

4. At the conclusion of each session, assign the skill check at the bottom of each study guide page. This is a show what you know activity (role play, fieldwork, etc) to be completed following the coaching meeting to reinforce the topic that was discussed.

5. Before departing, assign another segment for the next coaching session, and repeat the steps above at the next meeting.

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Using the Book for Sales Meetings and Coaching


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“Great book, easy read. I love the stories and would recommend to anyone that works in sales or is thinking about a career in sales.”
Sammy, FL.

“Awesome book and a great read! I really like the stories that help back up the points.”
Donnie Spence, Memphis

“It is something that will help me with my team in the sales room. It is very practical and easy to read and comprehend.”
Chris, South Carolina

“Doug Robinson exudes a rare blend of wisdom, insight, and energy. His sales training nuggets are concise, clear, and compelling.”
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"Your book and leadership have been invaluable to all of us. Keep up the GREAT work. Congrats on the media recognition coming your way."
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Paul Tomlinson, Region Manager, Paducah, KY.